UK Anti-piracy solicitors shuts down as anti-piracy case looms

Some of you may remember some time ago a story that was widely circulated concerning UK law firm ACS Law and their activities with UK net users where demands were made for payment for allegedly downloaded content. Now that same firm is in hot water itself, when 23 users chose to fight the cases and take their pursuers to court.

The firm, and its "go-between" MediaCAT, is alleged to have bullied customers of ISPs by issuing speculative invoices for the allegedly downloaded content. They have chosen to try and avoid judicial scrutiny of the cases by winding up their respective companies. The action was taken just before ACS was due to appear before the London Patents County Court, which many observers believed it was likely to lose.

The woes of the firm are set to continue as the partners face a disciplinary hearing from their governing body over the letters that were issued to consumers and the general conduct of the firm as a whole. 

Judge Briss QC, who is presiding over the case is set to make a ruling in the case on February 8. The respondents in the action have indicated that they will pursue ACS Law for costs in the case and even counter-sue for allegedly harassing them. 

Briss has been reluctant to drop the case as ACS have demanded pointing out that the litigants seem reluctant for the claims to come under any judicial scrutiny. The case continues.

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