UK News: citizens will be forced to have ID cards

NEWSPAPERS HERE [UK] are reporting that our Minister of the Interior [Home secretary -Ed] will introduce compulsory identity cards this autumn and citizens will have to pay for the privilege. The Guardian says that David Blunkett MP will introduce the cards, which will also include biometric information, and every citizen will have to register to join the scheme.

The cards will cost us £25 apiece, and will be called "entitlement cards". The reports do not say what will happen to individuals who refuse to register for the cards. The move is being heralded as a breakthrough to make our lives more secure. The government thinking here is that any refusenik obviously have something to hide.

Surely everyone has something to hide? The scheme will be administered by the British Passport Office, which reports today that its server was down yesterday. Don't worry, your data is safe in their hands...

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