UK: PlayStation 3 sales rise over 1,000% on Slim's release

In an interview with VG247, Dorian Bloch, director of Chart-Track claims that UK PlayStation 3 sales have risen over 1,000 percent since the release of the PlayStation 3 Slim on September 1.

"I'm not surprised by it," said Bloch in a phone conversation. "There's a lot of demand for the Slim."

Chart-Track has issued the following statistics:

  • PS3 is shown as '+999%' over week 35. The system is set to display +999% when it encounters huge increases, so the actual increase in PS3 unit hardware sell-through is around 11X – so 11 times what PS3 was selling the previous week. Obviously people have been waiting for PS3 Slim. · 360 is up +29% over the same time period.
  • PS3 is the lead format in week 36 and is outselling 360/DS Lite/Wii (not combined, individually – they were all selling around the same amount in week 36) by approx 3:1. · PS3 is the lead hardware format for week 36, 2009 and the last time it did this was back in week 1, 2008.
  • PS3 software sales have increased by 17% (units) over week 35 to claim 3rd place in terms of software format units behind 360 & Wii (up from 4th place in week 35).
  • PS3 software sales have increased by 5% (value) over week 35 to remain 2nd by value behind 360 (was also No2 in week 35, up from No4 in week 34).

Note that PS2 Slim came out in week 44, 2004 and showed an increase of +310% over the previous week (an increase of 3X).
Comparing the sales of all PS2 hardware in week 44, 2004 and all PS3 hardware in week 36, 2009 this shows that PS2 outsold PS3 by 21%, but of course PS2 was much cheaper at that point in the life cycle (approx £100) compared to the ASP for PS3 last week (approx £244). PS2 Slim came out in the first week of November 2004 and in Q4 you woud be expecting healthier numbers for most hardware formats.

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