Unannounced phone appears in Samsung's support pages

Samsung clearly understand the concept of a high-end Android phone, having been responsible for both the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Nexus phones. Now, thanks to a support page on their website in the UAE, the company might have confirmed the existence of the Galaxy SIII, as PocketNow reports.

Samsung's naming and numbering policy for their Android phones has always maintained their highest tier devices as the i9xxx line. This system was established with the i9000, which was the original Galaxy S. The i9100 series was the Galaxy SII and the various different models available from different carriers, such as the Galaxy SII Skyrocket. The i9200 figures were used for the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note, both of which our own Tim Schiesser reviewed. The Nexus has the code of i9250, while the Note is i9220.

The above support page, taken from the United Arab Emirates version of the Samsung support site, clearly shows the i9300 as an option. As of the time of writing, the model is no longer listed in the same location as in the picture, which suggests the company may have withdrawn the listing in error. The numbering certainly does imply that the i9300 may be a new Galaxy S model though it is quite possible the company has chosen to change their numbering policy, or the i9300 is a currently-unknown phone.

Regardless of what the number implies, it definitely does seem to suggest that Samsung have something special readied for the near future. Just how near that future may be is not possible to estimate though, as Samsung's Younghee Lee brushed the question aside, saying that the company is still looking into options for release timing.

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