Unexpected Windows update on scoreboard computer delays basketball game

We've all experienced it - a critical moment when our computer is in need of desperate use. It's usually right at this moment, the dreaded Windows update rears its ugly head. That was the case when an unpredictable Windows update caused a 25-minute game delay at a German basketball game.

Since events like this could occur frequently, the laptop is securely locked up and only brought out for use during games in order to prevent such issues. The laptop is set up hours in advance in order to prevent any unexpected happenings. Unfortunately, it seems that the laptop controlling the scoreboard crashed and upon rebooting, immediately started performing Windows updates.

Naturally, this caused quite some panic along with a 25-minute game delay. In the event of such holdups, there is a plan to utilize a manual scoreboard, but by the time the manual one had been put into place, the laptop was fully booted into Windows and operational. While gameplay resumed after the delay, the losing team has decided to protest the win due to the scoreboard malfunction.

Source: Zeit Online via Softpedia

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