Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 Beta 2

Universal Extractor 2

Universal Extractor 2 is an unofficial updated and extended version of the original UniExtract by Jared Breland. It brings several hundred changes including community-wanted ones such as a batch mode, auto-updater and scan-only-functionality.

Universal Extractor 2 is the most advanced unofficial modification around, aiming at the inclusion of many wanted features, improvement of current ones, ongoing support and a central open-source distribution. UniExtract 2 started as a simple modification disabling the always-on-top status box and ended with the addition of dozens of extractors to expand the range of supported file types. New – and unique amongst the available modifications – features like a scan-only mode to identify unknown file types using multiple scanning applications, the batch mode or the extraction of audio and video tracks from multimedia files make it stand out against these.

As a short overview here is a list of the core improvements:

  • Batch mode
  • Silent mode, not showing any prompts
  • Scan only mode to determine file types without extracting
  • Integrated updater
  • 100+ new supported file types
  • Audio and video extraction for multimedia files
  • Cascading context menu
  • Support for password list for common archives
  • Improved optional status box with progress indicator
  • New detection methods + more detailed output and error messages
  • Support for some extractors not shipping with UniExtract as plugins
  • Resource usage/speed improvements, lots of fixes
  • First start assistant instead of installer
  • Full functionality available in no-install version
  • Auto-using 64 bit versions of extractors if supported by OS

Changes in Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 Beta 2:

  • Fixed download/import code for the rest of the plugins
  • Fixed updating 7zip binaries
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to Igor Rückert
  • Removed UniExtract binary from repository

Download: Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 Beta 2 | 25.1 MB (Open Source)
Link: Universal Extractor 2 Home Page

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