Unlocked Skylake-K processors heading to laptops

During the Intel Developer Forum 2015, Intel unveiled their plans to launch unlocked Skylake-K line of processors to laptops starting later this year. While speaking to Hexus, Intel's Senior VP of the Intel PC Client group had iterated that enthusiast range of laptops will be receiving Skylake processors that allow for overclocking.

Previously we reported that Intel is planning to launch a variety of Skylake processors for its mobile range, all the way from mobile Xeon processors to its Celeron lineup. Skylake-K is the latest line of processors to be announced for launch later this year.

It should be noted that Skylake-K processors are geared for the enthusiast, premium laptops. Due to the ability for these processors to be overclocked, inherent limitations will exist to attainable thermals and maximum power.

ASUS, MSI and EVGA have already been hard at work developing prototypes to display the recently announced Skylake-K mobile chips. They will need to develop an adequate cooling system to combat the increase in thermals, leaving the possibility of liquid-cooled laptops in the future. These three manufacturers may also consider redesigning certain aspects of the laptop chassis to help compensate for some of the limitations.

Skylake-K will utilize some of the features that Skylake-H will use including DDR4 memory for improved performance, and possibly Thunderbolt 3.

Source: WCCFTech

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