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The first secret of UT 2003: it's pretty much finished. "Basically, the game is done," explains James Schmalz, creative director at Digital Extremes. "We've been doing tons of fine tuning to the game -- a lot of the little stuff, such as improving the visuals in terms of performance to make it totally kick ass, making sure the HUD works in different resolutions, making sure the menus work properly. It's that last 4%, so to speak, that we're working on right now. Nothing major superficially, but a lot of the little details. Other stuff we've been working on includes adding in chat support, finalizing the new stats tracking (which is going to be a lot more robust), and, of course, addressing crashes and basically making sure we don't do the same thing that happened with Unreal where we released a game with a lot of bugs and problems. With all the testing and debugging we're doing on this game, it is going to be the most stable game we've ever released. In the end, it's all about the details, which I think the gamers and fans of Unreal Tournament really appreciate. It's always nice to have that little bit of extra polish on it."

News source: GameSpy

Screenshots: @ GameSpy

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