Unreal Tournament 2004 v3204 Patch

The first PC patch for Unreal Tournament 2004 is now available for download, bringing this FPS made by Epic Games to v3208 - as usual, the list of changes can be found by pressing on 'read more'. Read our review for more details about this FPS made by Epic Games.

Patch Fixes:

    Onslaught related:

  • Teams will now swap sides after each Onslaught round by default. This is configurable in the game settings menu.

  • Fixed flying Leviathan exploit where Leviathan can be based on another vehicle.

  • Fixed Leviathan pushing exploits by limiting the Leviathans max speed.

  • Fixed Tank pushing exploits by limiting max speed unless falling.

  • Node location names show up correctly in network games.

  • Fixed terrains with a negative scale not showing PowerNodes.

  • RadarMap can no longer be moved off-screen using the HUD configuration menu.

  • Fixed possibility of ion cannon volume in ONS-Severance killing someone entering it without giving them warnings first

  • Fixed bots getting stuck next to a vehicle because they didn't think they were close enough to enter

  • Fixed players getting out of vehicles into water
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