UPDATE: KaZaA 2.0.2

UPDATE: I've replaced the download link with the direct download url, and I also learned from besiboyz that there are no bug fixes in this version and the only differences with previous version were ability to block participation level cheat as well as Diet Kaza 2 (BETA) tool.

Thanks xStainDx. Kazaa Media Desktop is the number 1 peer-to-peer application which allows people around the world to share files.

Kazaa Media Desktop uses peer-to-peer technology. This means that individual users connect to each other directly, without need for a central point of management.

The Kazaa Media Desktop is a great way for you to promote your own content. Any music, videos, images, documents or software that you have created and own, can be placed in your 'My Shared Folder' to be downloaded by others. The most valuable contribution you can make to peer-to-peer is to provide original content for others to enjoy. You can also collect works in the public domain, open source software or other publicly shared works, and become a resource for others.

You can benefit by sharing as well - P2P is a perfect way for musicians, producers, poets, photographers and artists to make their work available to others, while enhancing the peer-to-peer experience for everyone.

Download: KaZaA 2.0.2

View: KaZaA

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