Update: Microsoft's gone potty

I was just reading over the mirror's daily news and Amy Vickers pages there when i found something rather frightening. The iloo.

According to the mirror's exclusive and MSN's Marketing manager Tracy Blacher, MSN are preparing to launch the world's first internet portaloo known as the iloo. You may laugh and you may cry but this loo is designed for people at festivals such as the Reading festival here in the UK soon.

The loo is kitted out with a plasma screen, which has an adjustable height level, and a wireless keyboard (all waterproof), so users can merrily surf away as they go about their business. There'll also be a six channel surround sound speaker system under the sink unit for users to stream music from the internet. MSN as ever don't forget a single feature.

Tracy Blacher from MSN says: "The MSN iLoo is no bog-standard affair. We are looking at vacuum-powered options and the very latest broadband technology for the best loo surfing experience ever."

This is the second time in two years that MSN have pulled a crazy internet stunt. Last time it was the world's first internet bench in a park. What will they do next?

Click the screenshot below to view the crazy bog.

Updated: Added Microsoft UK's Press Release

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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