Update: No Longhorn server family on tap?

Microsoft are confused themselves ;) Who do we believe Bob or Brian?

There's no Longhorn server family on tap, Microsoft says. But there might be a limited edition server timed around Longhorn client's release.

Microsoft is back-pedaling over Senior VP Brian Valentine's statements to the press that Microsoft is planning on doing a server version of Longhorn, its next-generation Windows release.

Valentine made the comments to various news organizations during interviews at Microsoft's Management Summit conference in Las Vegas this week.

"Brian was just thinking out loud," claims Windows Server group product manager Bob O'Brien. "But there are no plans for a Longhorn server. That is not on the boards."

O'Brien says there is no change, for the time being, in Microsoft's roadmap. Longhorn will continue to be a Windows client release only. O'Brien did not comment on whether Microsoft is planning to add a Blackcomb client upgrade to the Blackcomb server release that the company has said will follow Longhorn.

O'Brien also says there have been no changes in the target dates for Longhorn and Blackcomb, despite Valentine's statements to the contrary.

News source: microsoft-watch.com

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