Update to Xbox 360 Dashboard “slightly delayed” [Update]

Yesterday we received final confirmation from Microsoft that the launch of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard Update would go ahead today. The new update is set to bring a range of improvements, including better voice interaction and search capabilities, new content providers, and a new tile-based user interface similar to that already seen on Windows Phone and Windows 8.  

Everything seemed to be on schedule… until Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, better known to gamers as Major Nelson (@majornelson), tweeted news that things aren’t quite going according to plan:

In a further tweet a few minutes later, and presumably in response to frustrated gamers unhappy at the prospect of a delay, the Major reiterated that there’s currently no further details to share, but that he’ll issue an update as soon as possible.

It’s not yet known if the update will still roll out today as planned, but we’ll keep you updated here on Neowin as soon as we hear anything – so be sure to check back regularly.

Update: No explanation yet on what was behind the delay, but the Major has just tweeted to confirm that the end of the wait is nigh, and the rollout will begin "within the next few hours". 

The wording of the update suggests that this might not be a "big bang" deployment to all customers in one go, so if you don't get the update pushed to your console immediately, don't panic - it'll get to you soon enough. Good things come to those who wait, and all that. 

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