Updated: New iPod to be announced

Timdorr a moderator on our forums has reported that Apple is planning to announce the new version of the iPod tomorrow.

The new iPod will boast a thinner case, a re-design to its trademarked scroll-wheels, and perhaps, a lower number on the price tag.

Although they look different with the absence of the four-buttons interface, not much has changed from the previous version. The 4th generation of iPod will be available with iPod Mini's scroll-wheels but the color screens, widely anticipated to debut in this version, still remain on the wish-list.

Think Secret expects no press event for this announcement as they have learned that the public introduction will be taking place through the "out-of-the-ordinary" publicity medium.

We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Screenshot: Screenshot at Engadget

News source: Think Secret

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