UPMC dumps the iPad for 2000 Surface Pro 3s

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 isn’t even on sale yet but a company in Pittsburgh is deploying 2000 of the devices to help physicians devote more time to patient care than paperwork.  This is obviously a win for Microsoft, but in a broader context, it is significant to see an organization willing to adopt new hardware from the company so early on in its lifecycle.

UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) said that they were developing a new application for the iPad but discovered later that it would not work well in the enterprise setting.

We originally spent about a year trying to develop the application on the iPad. What we found was that it was not going to work in the enterprise setting. We weren’t able to achieve a lot of the functionality– such as interfacing with the legacy systems– that we could achieve with the Surface on Windows 8"

We fully expect Microsoft to announce more of this kind of ‘win’ for its new device, both before and after its launch. So far, Microsoft has shown off two medical groups that are going to use the Pro 3, but we hope to see other organizations and professions soon showcased in the same way, demonstrating the versatility of the Pro 3 in business beyond just the healthcare industry.

Regardless, this is some good PR for Microsoft as it shows the Pro 3 is enterprise-ready and that its hardware meets the high standards set by the medical community.

Source: Microsoft

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