URGENT: Virus Issue

For the past few days we have been recieving emails that are made to look like it was sent from staff on neowin, this is not the case, never open attachments without verifying it first! it could be a virus!

If you're using Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express, we suggest that you enable the "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus." feature. (See screenshot)

We also recommend that you update your Anti-Virus program and do a full system scan. Below are the link to Symantec's Klez Scanning utilities. To be sure, please download Klez Cleaner and scan your system.

Remember, if you recieved an email from our staff and were not sure why, please contact them to verify if they really sent it to you before doing anything.

View: Symantec Klez Removal Tools

View: Neowin - Turning red over Klez virus

Screenshot: Outlook Express Security Options

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