US gambling site offers Mac users "free" Windows 7 with emulation software

Earlier this year, online gambling became legal in the US for the first time, at least in the state of Nevada. If you live or are visiting the state, you can now gamble online on site such as for real money. One problem for the site is that the software it uses can only be used with the Windows OS.

So, according to a new article on Wired, the company came up with the idea of giving Mac OS X owners a "free" copy of Windows 7, along with some emulation software. This should allow Mac fans to play on until the company comes up with a OS X version of its software. In fact,'s chief technology officer, Chris Derossi, was the lead on Apple's older System 7 OS that was offered in the 1990s.

However, Mac players still have to pay up front to get the Windows 7 OS and the VMFusion virtualization software. The "free" part comes in when they gamble on the site. Texas Hold'em Poker is so far the only game that can be played on According to the site's rake structure, a player would have to put up $5,000 to get enough to be reimbursed for the user who sends in a valid sales receipt for both software programs. At the moment, no one has taken up on its offer.

Source: Wired | Image via Wired

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