US Naval Academy gets ship shape with pirates on it's network!

The US Naval Academy has seized about 100 student computers that are suspected of containing unauthorized copies of copyrighted works.

The students were in class on Thursday when the raid occurred, according to an academy representative, who would not elaborate on other details of the investigation. (how fortunate... Ed.)

Each student gets a computer when they enter the academy. Illegal possession of copyrighted material could carry punishment including court-martial or a loss of leave, according to academy policy.

In an October letter sent to over 2000 university and college presidents across the country, the Recording Industry Association of America, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and other industry groups warned university officials that some students were using school networks to illegally trade copyrighted materials.

"Students must know that if they pirate copyrighted works they are subject to legal liability," the trade groups wrote. "It is no different from walking into the campus bookstore and in a clandestine manner walking out with a textbook without paying for it."

News source: CNet News

Additional News source: The Inquirer - Midshipmens' PCs keelhauled in copyright tug-of-music

View: Slashdot story - RIAA, MPAA Instigate U.S. Naval Academy Raid

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