U.S. Republican Senators Begin Weekly Podcast

The Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus has launched a new program allowing state residents to listen to weekly podcasts on state issues. The group is hoping the trend will catch with tech savvy users, allowing it to become another form of communication between politicians and voters.

"Podcasting will improve our ability to provide in-depth analysis, up-to-date information, and insights from individual members about crucial topics affecting people and communities around the commonwealth," said staff representative for a Pennsylvania state Senator. "[Podcasting is] revolutionizing the way information is disseminated, and we want our members to be at the front-end of that," he said.

Though the Republican Caucus says it will use the podcast to "address legislation before the Senate and issues of importance to Pennsylvanians," the innovative technology is expected to bring about concern. Podcasting, with the intent of furthering political ethics by a party, could be construed as government propaganda if used the wrong way. The Bush administration came under fire last year for 'fake' news reports posing as adverts on US TV networks.

The first podcast is available this week through the Pennsylvania Republican Caucus' website.

View: Pennsylvania Republican Caucus Website

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