US Senators ask AT&T for more info on iPhone data charges

You may remember that earlier this week we posted a story about a group who has filed a lawsuit against AT&T. That group claims it got charged for data on AT&T's iPhones even though the group disabled all data based applications and left the phones alone for two weeks. AT&T responded to the lawsuit denying any wrongdoing, saying that the iPhones were still generating data charges due to unnamed "background processes".

That rather vague response didn't make some federal lawmakers very happy. reports that this week US Senators Amy Klobuchar and Herb Kohl sent a letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson asking him for more information on how AT&T handles its data charges and other related matters. The lawmarkers, while writing that they understand that AT&T doesn't feel it has overcharged its customers, added, " ... consumers cannot easily verify that the amount of data used in any given month is equal to what they have been charged for on their bill. "

The senators ask Stephenson to "please specify how AT&T ensures the accuracy of billing for data usage and provide an estimate of the extent of errors in such billing." It also asks the company to "please explain how AT&T enables consumers to verify that their data usage is accurately billed." Finally the lawmakers ask AT&T to provide "the average number of customers who exceed their monthly data usage caps, and the average amount such customers are billed for excess data usage during the three months preceding the date of this letter."

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