Using the MacBook Air as a kitchen knife

Apple's MacBook Air notebook definitely has a number of cool features. The most notable thing just from looking at the notebook is its thin design. It's just .68 inches thick for both the 11 inch and 13 inch models. Now it looks like there's a trend developing where people are using the MacBook Air for some applications other than running iTunes or surfing the web. As reported by CNN, there are now people who are posting up videos showing the MacBook Air being used as a kitchen knife.

Several of the videos, including the one shown below, come from a person in Japan who films the MacBook Air cutting through an apple (yes, the irony is not lost on us), along with mushrooms, a shrimp and Chinese cabbage. A Japanese web site has even more MacBook Air food cutting pictures, including the notebook slicing its way into a corn cob, carrots and some kind of meat. Yet another web site has the notebook cutting into a bread loaf.

We could see using the MacBook Air as a bit of a time saver if you don't have any sharp knifes around but obviously using a notebook that costs $1,000 or more to slice up food can also be a very pricey proposition. However, we would also love it if the MacBook Air or perhaps the upcoming and equally thin Ultrabook-based notebooks could be used as the items used by the contestants in one of those food based reality shows like Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen. Hey, it could happen.

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