Verizon announces a few more iPhone pre-order details

Verizon has announced that iPhone 4 pre-orders will begin at 3 AM on February 3. They have also opened up as the URL that one will need to be able to place an order for the iPhone.

Verizon is still mum on exact plan pricing but has come forth and said that the WiFi hotspot feature of iOS will cost an additional $20 a month. This shouldn't come as a major surprise as Verizon currently charges this premium on its other phones.

It has still not been confirmed if Verizon will be offering up the white version of the iPhone. The elusive white model was originally shown off by Verizon but it has since been removed from their website.

The Verizon iPhone is no different from the one launched last year. It will still pack a 5MP camera for HD video, run an A4 processor and a Retina display. This partnership between Verizon and Apple means both companies will work together in the future, bringing the next wave of iPhones to the carrier.

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