Verizon asks if an iPhone would keep you from switching

If Verizon had an iPhone would it keep you from switching? That's the question Verizon wants to know. BGR spotted a cancellation survey from Verizon that may shed some new light onto the future plans.

Three questions from the survey all had the response option of an iPhone; "What is the primary reason you left?", "What is the primary reason you chose your new carrier?", "What could Verizon Wireless have offered you to keep you as a customer?"

It's the last question that Verizon asks about what they could have done to keep you as a customer. Verizon may be checking to see how many customers they are losing because of the iPhone. If they get a large response hopefully they will make an effort to bring the phone to its 80 million + subscribers.

Rumors from when the iPhone first launched suggested that Verizon turned down Apple's offer for the phone. It makes you wonder if they are now kicking themselves over that business move and may go crawling back to Apple for an iPhone of their own.

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