Verizon experiencing wireless outages again across the US

Verizon Wireless customers are not happy ... again. Online reports from web sites like Engadget are reporting from readers that Verizon's users cannot sign on to the 3G network or the faster 4G LTE network. The reports stretch from Pennsylvania to Arizona so it seems this is a nationwide issue.

Verizon has reportedly sent out a message via Twitter stating, "VZW is investigating customer issues in connecting to the 4GLTE data network. 3G data, voice and text services are operating reliably." But some customers are saying that 3G is down for their smartphones as well.

This sounds like a repeat of what happened in December 2011 when Verizon had three extended nationwide outages on their 4G LTE network. At the time Verizon said each outage was caused by a different problem with the network. The company pledged to improve their support system in the future, including implementing things like "geographic segmentation, which enables us to isolate, contain and rectify network performance issues" along with some software-based solutions.

Based on this newest report, it looks like that Verizon's efforts are not working. We do have to wonder if Verizon, which has been very aggressive in growing its 4G LTE network to more and more US cities and locations, is perhaps overextending itself at the expense of reliable wireless service.

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