Rumor: Verizon to carry the Apple Tablet is reporting that the Apple Tablet will be sold by Verizon, when it releases in the spring / summer time frame.  The discovery was founded when it was mentioned that the Apple Tablet wireless chip will be made by Qualcomm.

Qualcomm chips will help power the Verizon iPhone once AT&T’s exclusive contract is up, as their chips help power CDMA network phones, according to  Qualcomm will be supplying the CDMA wireless chips for the Apple Tablet, meaning only Verizon or Sprint when it releases.

This will be Apple’s first time working with a new service provider in America, as it has always sold exclusively to AT&T in the past.  Verizon could likely be the sole wireless provider for the Apple Tablet, providing it with much more 3G coverage than any other company in America can.

Apple’s unannounced tablet seems to be gathering attention from the media, when no official word has come directly from Apple itself.  Apple is said to be unveiling the “Tablet” next week on January 27.

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