Verizon to double 4G LTE smartphone data cap for limited time

Verizon Wireless is offering new customers who purchase LTE-based smartphones a pretty cool deal on data plans. reports that starting on Tuesday, it will double the amount of monthly data it normally offers subscribers for the same price. This means that the 2 GB plan for $30 will be expanded to 4 GB, the 5 GB plan for $50 will be expanded to 10 GB and the 10 GB cap for $80 will go all the way up to 20 GB. There's no word yet on when this promotion will end.

Verizon currently sells seven smartphones that supports its faster LTE network. The Droid RAZR will join that product library on Friday and the HTC Rezound will be added to that line up on November 14. Later in November Verizon adds yet another LTE supported phone, the Android 4.0 powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

As anyone who has bought an LTE-based smartphone from Verizon has discovered, downloading apps and streaming music and video is much faster than using Verizon's 3G network. Unfortunately, customers who are not grandfathered into the now discontinued unlimited data plans find out quickly that you can reach your monthly data capacity limit pretty quickly with the faster 4G speeds. Offering this new data cap promotion will certainly be a huge comfort for customers who have bought that nice shiny new smartphone.

Hopefully this new deal will stick around for a while and give new customers some piece of mind when they watch that episode of Star Trek on Netflix.

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