Verizon's to get SG III, new Droid Razrs and more this year?

Verizon Wireless is the US's biggest wireless carrier and as such the company wants to continue to offer new smartphones for its many customers. Today Boy Genius Report claims to have gotten a hold of Verizon's road map for its new smartphones products for the rest of 2012.

Not surprisingly, the story claims that Verizon will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S III, although an exact time frame is apparently not yet known. The story speculates that it will be available sometime this summer. The Galaxy S III is expected to be officially announced by Samsung next week.

The story also claims that Verizon has a number of new smartphones in the works that belong to the Droid RAZR family of thin devices made by Motorola. One of them is supposed to have a larger and clearer display and may be called the RAZR HD.

There's also word of an unnamed HTC smartphone with a large five inch screen, a quad-core processor, a separate GPU and a Scribe pen. The story claims this will be HTC's answer to Samsung's large Galaxy Note smartphone.

There's no mention of any upcoming Verizon smartphones running on Windows Phone 8, even though a company executive said earlier this week that such smartphones are indeed in the works. Oh, and it goes without saying that the next version of Apple's iPhone 5 is currently in the works to come out sometime this fall.

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