Via Announces One-Watt Processor

CPU-maker Via Technologies has unveiled its 500MHz Eden CPU which it claims is the most power-efficient x86 processor yet produced. The new chip, joining Via's ultra-low voltage processor family designed primarily for ultra-mobile applications, draws only a single watt of power when in use, and just 0.1 watt when idle. Even better is that the CPU does not require a fan, due to its low power consumption. Manufactured with a 90nm process, the CPU sits on an ultra compact 21mm x 21mm NanoBGA2 package and features a 128KB L2 cache. Richard Brown, vice president of corporate marketing at Via, claimed that Eden's design "defines our 'small is beautiful' strategy" and "provides a way for embedded developers to push the market forward". Eden, along with several customer boards, will be showcased at the Embedded System Conference Taiwan, held on 23-24 August 2007 in Taipei.

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