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1. Creative's 3D Blaster GeForce4 Ti4400

"Considered by most "the sweet spot" for an enthusiast card, most Ti4400 boards offer all the fancy and speedy factor of the more expensive 4600 Titanium's but at a lower price... today we take a look at Creative's 3D Blaster GeForce4 Ti4400 videocard @ TechSpot."

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2. ATi's Radeon IGP320M Chipset

"We have seen the scores of ATi's new integrated chipset for AMD's Mobile Athlon XP Radeon IGP320M and those scores look commendable indeed. Of course I admit that ATi did not have a particularly tough fight in this area, as the competition from VIA can hardly be taken seriously. Radeon IGP320M is definitely taking Athlon notebooks to a new level in terms of performance as well as power saving and has thus to be seen as the best platform for low to midrange notebooks based on AMD's Mobile Athlon XP processor. The prototype notebook I tested in my lab was working flawlessly and I would not mind using it as my own notebook any time. I am sure that the engineers who developed this notebook will recognize the pictures. Let me commend you on a job well done. This notebook is of very appealing design. "

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3. Gainward GF4 Ti4200 Ultra/650 Review

"The reason people overlook the MX is because it doesn't support some technologies that will be quite useful for upcoming games like Pixel Shaders. To fix this, nVidia is introducing a new model of their high-end Ti series and has matched it with a low price- a seemingly perfect solution. The new model, the Ti4200 should cost around US$200 or less and should be widely available in the next couple of weeks. Gainward is amongst the first manufacturers to release a card based on the Ti4200."

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