Video search results added to Bing Windows 8 app

Microsoft launched its Bing search app for Windows 8 in August, a couple of months before the official launch of Windows 8 itself. This week, Microsoft announced that it has launched an update for the Bing app, available via the Windows Store, which finally allows users to see video search results, in addition to text and images.

The Bing blog states that the video results will be formatted via an Infinite Scroll method, with the search queries available for viewing by scrolling across the page in the Bing app. Microsoft has also put in support for Smart Motion Thumbnails in the video search results that lets viewers see a preview of the video clip without having to actually click on the link. It adds:

Simply tap a video result thumbnail with a play icon in the lower right hand corner, or mouse over the thumbnail image, to start the video preview. Tap again or mouse away to stop the preview video. Click on the text description to the right to go to the full video.

The app also supports Semantic Zoom so that users can pinch on the results with two fingers to see any related search inquires.

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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