Video sites blamed for web-traffic crisis

CNET News have published an article documenting how the recent explosion in online video sites has experts worried and searching for more efficient technology to deliver the goods.

Sites such as Google Video, YouTube and Apple's ever expanding collection of movie trailers are alledgedly putting excess strain on ISPs, as consumers strive to own faster internet connections. The popularity of voice over IP (VoIP) technology has also had an impact on ISPs who are now looking at ways of combating these "traffic jams".

Peer-to-peer technology such as BitTorrent is largely untouched by online-content vendors, but ISPs such as NTL are trialing the effectiveness of Bram Cohen's filesharing platform. As reported in February, Warner Bros. are also taking P2P technology onboard.

The need for more efficent technology breeds new companies, one of which is Itiva. Led by ex-HP and ex-Apple exec Michael Billard, the company aim to deliver HD content using their new patented Quantum Streaming technology.

According to their website: "By breaking content into quanta (pieces
that are smaller than the average web page), Itiva takes
advantage of readily available, lower cost bandwidth worldwide."

View: CNET News


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