Videotron testing 400% Faster Internet Service

This one is for all the Neowinians in Canada. Shaw currently offers a download bandwidth of 25 Mbps, Videotron offers 20 Mbps, Telus offers 6 Mbps, Rogers offers 6 Mbps and Bell offers 5 Mbps. This will soon change. Montreal-based Videotron Ltd. plans to leave its competition in the dust. In 2007, the telecommunications provider wants to make internet speeds as high as 100 Mbps available to its customers. A selected group of Videotron customers in Montreal have been testing the new high-speed service for more than a month and the company plans to continue tests for the next few months. The service will be offered to more of its 769,000 internet service subscribers. According to both Videotron and network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc., the new speeds are possible due to a technological breakthrough. If only Rogers and Bell would catch on and quit torturing all the Ontarians.

News source: CBC News

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