Virgin Media website hit by Anonymous cyber attack

Several days ago, the UK's High Court ruled that a number of ISPs in the UK, including Virgin Media, must block access to The Pirate Bay website for its customers. The High Court agreed with UK record companies, who felt the site promoted online content piracy.

Virgin Media complied with the court's order a few days later, but added that the ISP " ... strongly believes that changing consumer behavior to tackle copyright infringement also needs compelling legal alternatives ... to give consumers access to great content at the right price."

Now it looks like Virgin Media's decision to block The Pirate Bay has lead to the company's website getting hit with a denial of service attack. The Register reports that the hacker group Anonymous has taken credit for the attack via a Twitter message, calling Virgin Media's decision "censorship".

Virgin Media has admitted in a statement that the site was taken down "for a short period of time" on Tuesday. However, the company repeated its claim that while it complied with the High Court's ruling, it still feels that the issue of copyright infringement on the Internet needs to be dealt with via alternate methods.

The Register's report claims that another UK ISP, TalkTalk, has also been the subject of a cyber attack but there's no evidence to confirm this.

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