Virus targets 64-bit Windows

It took them sometime, but virus writers have released the first 64-bit Windows virus. This one of a kind virus targets Microsoft's yet to be released Windows 64-bit operating system. This virus, dubbed W64.Shruggle was spotted by Symantec earlier today, but interestingly enough this virus isn't spreading like other 32-bit viruses.

The reason why is because of targeted Windows exploit. Apparently the targeted Windows software has yet to be released by Microsoft, which basically makes this 'virus' harmless. It's also worth noting that this is a 64-bit virus, meaning it will not run on a 32-bit versions of Windows. With that said it's fairer to label this virus as a "proof of concept", because after all it doesn't inflict any damage on users PCs.

This "proof of concept" virus not only hurts Microsoft but Intel & AMD. Showing that AMDs added security features aren't working out to well in Microsoft's beta OS. On the bright side this virus will surely keep Microsoft on its toes, as it continues to develop its 64-bit version of Windows.

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