Vista Anti-Piracy Will Drive People to Linux?

Oh, the wicked 2007 predictions people make, just because it's the end of the year. The good folks over at IDC released their "Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide System Infrastructure Software, 2007." Overall, it's a good list, although I don't buy No. 9. IDC predicts: "Microsoft's client operating system anti-piracy efforts will backfire. Microsoft's anti-piracy campaign will drive customers toward Linux."

Bwhahahaha. Somebody has been tipping too much holiday eggnog. The anti-piracy campaign is biggest on the desktop--so, what? IDC suggests that Linux is finally going to gain desktop traction because of Windows product activation? Oh the tears, I'm laughing so hard.

More likely, new anti-piracy mechanisms will drive customers to Windows XP. More onerous piracy checks apply to Vista than its predecessor. Microsoft's nightmare situation is that customers stick with Windows XP and consume more Web-based products or services as means of extending operating system capabilities without upgrading.

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