Vista Doesn't Add DRM To Unprotected Content

Out there, in the blogging world, a lot of facts can get mixed up with rumours and lies. George Ou has attempted to put an end to the whole Vista and DRM confusion. I said he "has attempted" simply because there will always be Microsoft haters who will continue to spew false information regardless of how hard the facts slap them in the face: "A lot of people have been screaming that Vista will deprive you of your rights with the inclusion of DRM technology. Bruce Schneier even referred to this DRM issue as a "security" issue for Vista even though he's merely referring to existence of DRM capability. We're hearing widespread rumors that DRM slows down game play. I even hear people blaming DRM for the lack of driver support in Vista."

Most people will read the above and shake their heads at people's ignorance. Others will mull the idea over in their head, trying to figure out how much of it is true. Many have already accepted it as fact. It is time to set the record straight. There is nothing in Windows Vista that will stop you from doing anything you've done on Windows XP, in terms of DRM and non-DRM audio or video. Windows Vista gives you the ability to play back DRMed content. It does not prevent you from playing back non-DRMed content. It also doesn't add DRM to your unprotected content. If you or anyone you know believe otherwise, please comment here - if you can prove it. I, for one, know for a fact you won't be able to. This news entry was written up on Windows Vista, while happily listening to music and ripping a DVD.

News source: ZDnet Blogs (via Windows-Now)

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