Vista on a Mac, Boot Camp for XP, OS X on x86?

Ugh, the title is already a mouthful as it is but that's what some people are speculating.
AirmanPika posted on the OSx86 Project forums yesterday that he managed to get a beta copy of Windows Vista working on his Intel Mac (one of the Intel CPU based iMacs). He had trouble installing some drivers, which doesn't surprise me since Boot Camp is currently made to work with Windows XP. Beta testers (with PC's, not Macs) already have enough trouble getting devices to work on Vista that would normally work just fine with XP installed.

How did he do it? Using Boot Camp and according to Cringley: "
Microsoft LOVES Boot Camp and I am sure they'll say that shortly. After all, Boot Camp sells more copies of Windows without threatening more sophisticated products like Microsoft's own Virtual PC.

One reason why Microsoft isn't surprised by Boot Camp is because Microsoft has been working with Apple to make sure that Windows Vista runs well on Intel Macs. Apple will support Vista dual boot, though I don't know if they will become a Vista OEM, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't if it will help sales." He goes on to predict that soon, we'll all be able to buy OS X that wil happily chug along on a Celeron (or AMD). What is the world coming to?

Frank Boosman however is willing to bet that Apple won't do it by saying "

It's not going to happen. And I'm willing to make a public bet with Cringely that it won't." People, it seems are falling over themselves to prove him otherwise.

What everyone seems to forget is the fact that it only took a swift decision from the 2 big boys to allow Windows XP to boot on Macs, and from what I've seen they are a lot further with this initial release than anyone else has been with porting OS X to standard PC's.

View: Vista installed on a iMac @ OSx86 Project

Their 2 cents: I, Cringley & Frank Boosman

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