Vizio PCs will get an "Easter Egg" when updated to Windows 8

It may seem odd to launch an all new PC desktop and notebook lineup just a few months before Windows 8 is released, but that's what Vizio is doing today with its introduction of two all-in-one PCs and three notebooks, including two Ultrabooks.

However, it appears that Vizio is well aware of Windows 8 and hints at some interesting plans for its own Windows 8 PCs. In a new article on The Verge, Vizio confirms it will refresh its lineup of PCs when Windows 8 comes out later this year and will release new products in 2013. In addition, Vizio CTO Matt McRae states that current Vizio Windows 7 PCs will get an interesting upgrade when Windows 8 is launched.

McRae claims that upgrading Vizio PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will unlock a "pseudo-touch interface that's pretty neat — a bit of an Easter egg." No other details were revealed.

The current Vizio PCs also have an extra feature that's normally sold on PCs sold at Microsoft Stores. It's Microsoft Signature, which Microsoft says eliminates the "bloatware" that other PCs makers put into their rigs. Normally having a Microsoft Signature PC would cost an extra $99 but Vizio PCs have that feature for free; Microsoft will even offer tech support for Vizio PCs on top of Vizio's own support.

McRae says having the Microsoft Signature feature in Vizio PCs will be an advantage for their lineup, saying, "Microsoft made this great commitment to a great image, and they have a vested interest in making sure people are having the best experience. It drives them nuts that OEMs throw a bunch of other stuff on it and then people blame Windows for performance problems."

Source: The Verge

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