VMWare parody of “It's a Wonderful Life”

It’s no secret that technology companies occasionally like to break away from the technical details and tap into their creative sides. To get into the holiday spirit, VMWare has made a short video in the mold of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” highlighting an IT professional named Jimmy who has become apathetic about his job: “Every time I fix something, someone else submits a help ticket.” It’s a feeling that anyone who has been in the field for any length of time has experienced at some point in their career.

To combat this, an angel (also known as the “IT support support guy”) is sent down to show Jimmy what the company would be like without him. It turns out that without Jimmy, the company wouldn’t be using technology. Instead of laptops and PowerPoint presentations, they’re stuck with typewriters and overhead projectors.

It’s ironic that everyone in the company appears to be working fine without the virtual desktops and other VMWare technologies. Indeed, once Jimmy comes back into the fold, everyone has to stop working in order to visit him and get computer assistance. We’re sure that’s not the message VMWare was trying to convey, but we wonder if Microsoft will take this opportunity to make a parody video of their own like they have in the past.

Regardless, just remember: Every time a smart phone rings, a support guy gets his wings.

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