Voice-Mail-To-Text Now Available For Skype Users

SimulScribe, which uses its proprietary voice-recognition algorithms that transcribe voice mail to text, is now offering Skype users a chance to have their voice mail messages delivered to their e-mail and SMS addresses. The service works with wireless, networked, and voice-over-IP services. So why exactly would someone want this? According to SimulScribe, a user can save up to three hours a month reading instead of listening to messages. The service can also be useful if you are in a situation where you cannot answer the phone (business meeting, religious building etc.) and you can choose not to answer it knowing that it will be transcribed and you can read it later.

SimulScribe touts the system's transcription accuracy as above 90%. Text messages are delivered in "near real time" with the caller's phone number in the subject line, the transcribed voice message in the e-mail body and the original audio contained in an attached .wav file. The technology was developed by SimulScribe in 2003 and operates with many carriers and operators, according to James Siminoff, founder and CEO of the company. The company offers several pricing options for the service: the starter plan is $10 a month for 50 messages while other plans cover unlimited messages and are aimed at enterprise customers.

News source: InformationWeek

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