W32/Bropia Worm spreading through MSN Messenger

Thanks Mess.be Fanatic who posted this in BPN after it was released on Mess.be

Trend Micro Inc has released an overview of a worm that is currently doing the rounds infecting users PC's and transferring itself through the MSN Messenger service.

MSN Messenger is under attack of a worm that comes with a seductive name and download link. The user clicks on the link and gets the copy of attached worm for his PC. The worm can spread on the network and shared computers. The worm can disable the Anti-Virus software and then infect the Files in PC, It can also spread easily after it disables anti virus program.

Trend Micro Inc. has also raised the threat level on the W32/Bropia worm. The company said that worm could cause more harm in case it spread more through MSN Messenger buddies and Shared Networks. The virus has antidebugging feature also.

The virus logs keystrokes. It can also retrieve credit card numbers and other sensitive information. The W32/Bropia worm contains a variant of the Rbot backdoor Trojan. The virus could be a higher threat to sensitive information as it can store information. It is also capable of using the infected machine to hijack sensitive data.

View: WORM_BROPIA.F Overview

View: Removal Instructions @ Trend Micro

View: Symantec Removal Tool

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