Wal-mart: 15 Free Blu-ray Movies when you buy an 80GB PS3

If the rumour isn't just a rumour, Wal-mart has just proven it isn't backing HD DVD whatsoever. Here is some information about one of the 4 planned "Secret Sales" for the holiday season. A supposed Wal-mart employee claims that between 8:00am on November 24th and 11:59pm on November 25th, the largest grocery retailer in the United States will be giving away 10 free Blu-ray movies (of your choice but limited to the store and each must be under $30) to every new owner of a $499 80GB PlayStation 3. Walmart is reportedly taking this quite seriously: "For those stores that carry BD already, additional titles are being sent in for the sale. For those that do not have BD in their store (a small minority) product will be sent to each store specifically for this sale. Oh, and you still get your 5 FREE movies by mail."

News source: Blu-ray.com Forums

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