Wall Street Journal: iPhone 5 launch in October

One says September, one says October. September, October, October, September ... let's call the whole thing off.

Yes, it's the dueling claims of when Apple will finally launch its long delayed iPhone 5 smartphone. Earlier this week a Japanese web site claimed via unnamed sources that Apple would finally hold its iPhone press event (along with the iPod refresh) on September 7. That would certainly be in line with Apple's previous iPod refresh launched which have all been held in September.

But not so fast, claims the Wall Street Journal's AllThingsD.com web site. It is now calling the Japanese report "erroneous". According to its own unnamed sources, Apple is still leaning towards a iPhone 5 launch sometime in October. Of course all of these so-called definitive reports are based on sources that no one wants to name. So who do we believe?

That's a good question since officially Apple has yet to give any indication of a release date for the iPhone 5. That means that all reports on a launch date for Apple's next smartphone, even those of the Wall Street Journal, must be considered with a big grain of salt. Meanwhile there is still speculation that in addition to the iPhone 5 Apple might also announce a cheaper "iCloud" version of the iPhone that will store a lot of its data on the company's recently announced cloud server service. Hopefully Apple won't keep its legion of fans waiting for too much longer. In the meantime the rumors will certainly continue.

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