Walmart Offers $197.88 Venturer HD DVD Player

The cheap Venturer HD DVD rumours have finally turned to rock solid fact. It may not cost $98.87 but, on the other hand, it does not appear to be a limited time offer. The largest grocery retailer in the United States has yet again showed that it is more than happy to fuel the HD war by beating competitor's prices. It may not carry the Toshiba brand, but the $197.88 Venturer SHD7000 is in stock and ready to go. Many have emphasized that $200 is the magic number for the holidays. For Toshiba's sake, I hope that's true. These additional players may finally get those HD DVD movie sales numbers up. Then again, this is a US-only deal, and HD DVD really needs help in Japan and Europe. It will be quite interesting to see what Toshiba will offer those regions during these holidays and how Sony will respond.

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