Walmart Xbox 360 price drop an error but will be honored

If you want to get a cheaper price for an Xbox 360 bundle with the Kinect motion controller camera you might want to head to your local Walmart store in the next week. Last week, it was reported that a Walmart newspaper ad for sales that would go into effect this week showed a $50 price drop for the 4 GB Xbox 360 with the Kinect controller, from $299 to $249. Now Joystiq is reporting that Walmart has sent a statement admitting that the newspaper ad was in fact in error.

However the good news is that Walmart has decided to go ahead and honor the lower price anyway. The $249 Xbox 360-Kinect bundle will be available until Monday, September 5. The price cut is for in-store sales only; the reduced price is not listed on Walmart's web site. However it does show the same bundle with a included $50 eGift card that can be used for other online purchases.

Microsoft has already said it has no plans to make price cuts for the Xbox 360 console this year due in part to the game console's continued high sales. Earlier this month, Sony announced a $50 price cut for both of its Playstation 3 models, with the 160 GB version now selling for $249 and the 320 GB version selling for $299. While Sony has yet to announce sales of the PS3 since the price cut, evidence from showed that sales jumped as much as 450 percent a few days after the price cut was announced.

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