Wanadoo Becomes Orange

France Telecom subsidiaries Orange and Wandoo are being merged under a re-branding set to take place later this summer. Under the re-branding Wanadoo will become part of the Orange family. It's part of a strategic plan to use the Orange brand internationally for mobile, broadband, multi-play and business offerings. That means a simple, one company experience for our customers and access to an exciting new generation of converged services. In the UK, for example, there is an Orange datacard allowing a seamless high-speed data connection to the Orange 3G network when on the move and Wanadoo broadband at home.

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News source: WanadooWhy is Wanadoo becoming Orange?Wanadoo and Orange have been sister companies for several years. Having developed a strong partnership, the natural step is for us to join forces to create one integrated communications company for our customers. We've chosen Orange as it's the strongest brand, with a name which is well known and trusted throughout the world.

What's in it for me?
We're now in the process of creating a new generation of high value and exciting services for our customers. These are known as 'converged services', so you'll be able to communicate at home, at work or on the go, much more easily and reliably.

Ultimately, this means you'll benefit from better value products and services and access to your Orange accounts (broadband, dial-up and mobile) with one login.

When will this happen?
Wanadoo will become Orange in summer 2006. New products and services will be available in due course.

Will this affect my email address?
If you're an existing Wanadoo customer, your current email address will continue to work as it does now. New customers will have an Orange email address.

Will this affect my service?
Your service will continue to work as it does now. If you have a Wanadoo Livebox, this will continue to work too.

Will there be a change to my contract?
No. The company name has changed, but the service and agreement you have with us stays the same.

Will this affect how I pay my bill or how I view my bill online?
No. You will be able to view and pay your bill online. The only change is the service provider you're paying will be Orange.

What products are available?
We will continue to provide the same broadband and dial-up services: Dial-Up AnyTime, Dial-Up Pay As You Go, Broadband Starter, Broadband Plus and Broadband Max.

Will the way I contact customer services change?
There's no change to our contact centre phone numbers so you can continue to call us as normal. Our website will look slightly different; however, you'll be able to do all the same things (and more!) as before.

Will I be able to change, upgrade or cancel my broadband or dial-up account at an Orange store?
Not yet. Please contact us on the normal phone number if you have any questions about your account.

Will there be new products?
Definitely. Come back later on to find out.

Who can I speak to if I want to find out more?
If you've any more questions, just give us a buzz on 0870 010 2462.

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