Want a NES, Amiga 1000 or Atari 2600 running Windows?

Found this over at Geeknews and thought it was rather neat, a slow news days and all...

Want an old "Retro" system, like an Amiga 1000, Atari 2600 or even a Nintendo running the latest PC software and yet be able to "emulate" your old 2600 or NES or Amiga...

Well, RetroSystems are the guys for you. Each system is a hand built creation, built to order and your specifications. They take original console or computer cases, clean them up, restore them, and build a complete Windows/Linux compatible system .

RetroSystems use some of the smallest commercially available Windows/Linux compatible motherboards and parts as needed. In all of the three systems being offered, you're getting a machine that's decades beyond it's original design. You might be getting a supercharged Amiga 1000 that runs all Amiga applications as well as Linux or Windows applications.

This looks kinda neat... Imagine going to your next LAN party, and showing up with an Nintendo NES!

News source: RetroSystems

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