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Do you ever say to yourself, “Hey, I want to be more connected to Neowin?” Have you ever tossed and turned at night because you fear that you may have missed news posts on the front page that demand your comments?  If you have ever said or thought any of the above, we have many solutions available to you.   

With the re-launch complete, Neowin is now able to provide you updates as soon as they hit the front page.  Did you know that Neowin is on Twitter?  While you may have known about our general news feed (@NeowinFeed) , we also have Twitter feeds that only aggregate certain types of news.  We have company specific feeds for Microsoft (@NeowinMicrosoft), Apple (@NeowinApple), Google(@NeowinGoogle), and also a general feed for software(@NeowinSoftware or gaming (@NeowinGaming) news too.   

If you're not on Twitter but would still like updates in real time, you can also become a fan of Neowin on Facebook.  Here you will find another feed that you can follow and comment on as well, in real time, along with our front page.

With the update, it is now easier than ever to contact news writers.  If you look on the right side bar of any post, you will be able to find out more about the writers who keep the front page fresh.  Also, if you have news that you think is worthy of the front page, send us a tip to tips@neowin.net.

With the recent update we also introduced a tagging system that allows you to select a category of news you like the most. Each tag has its own RSS feed so if you only want to monitor news about Microsoft then you only need to look at the Microsoft tag or RSS feed (which can be found in the header of the tag). You can also create a custom section on the site from the custom tab on the front page which allows you to select a different number of tags you are interested in.

Finally, if you feel that Neowin has given you so much that you would like to give back (and help keep the site up and running), you can opt to subscribe to Neowin.  There are two packages, tier 1 and tier 2, that will both enhance your experience at Neowin.  Your small contribution helps with day to day operations and if you opt for tier 2, you won’t see any more ads!

Once again we'd like to thank you for your continued support and we hope you are enjoying the recent Ignition and Atlas upgrades. In the coming weeks we will have several competitions based on some member surveys we will be conducting. If you're not a member yet then register today, it's free and easy.

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