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Warrock Open beta begins

K2 Network today launched the Open Beta for Warrock, an Online only First Person Shooter in the vein of Battlefield 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. Warrock, when launched in a few months time (one would figure) will be "free2play" forever, meaning anyone can play it for free, forever. There will be a cash shop in-game that will allow you to buy "improvements" for your in-game character such as better armor and more varied weaponry.
The current open beta client supports all three game modes for the final version: Close Quarters Combat, Deathmatch and Vehicle Combat. The maps supporting these game modes range from small 8 player maps to the larger 32 player maps for the Vehicle Combat scenarios. The open beta client has a wide range of weapons available as well, everything from a standard issue Colt, to an MP5 and other such devices of destruction like a Desert Eagle and oh I don't know, a Stinger? There are drivable vehicles such as tanks and jeeps. There are helicopters and planes as well.
The game has five classes: Medic, Heavy Weapons, Engineer, Combatant and the Scout. You earn "Exp" as you play and "level" up. You don't have to worry about throwing earned points into your Stamina or worry that your Mana is to low, this isn't an MMORPG. These earned points allow you to purchase better equipment and make for a better game. The final version will support full on "micro-transactions" for the cash shop.
Needless to say, having another free2play FPS on the market is always good. People will compare Warrock to Battlefield 2, but keep in mind Warrock was in development before Battlefield 2 was released. Not everyone will like Warrock. If you are a graphics whore, don't bother I'd say. The game uses a custom engine that is very similar to the Tribes 2 engine in looks. K2 Network is also running a "launch event" where all new beta users will get 15% more Exp through the opening weekend, as well as other contests where you may even win an iPod Nano. Well enough ranting, go join the beta and download soldier!
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