Watch Adobe's CEO dodge questions about high Australian software prices

Adobe has been taking it on the chin this week in Australia thanks to the high prices of its software in that part of the world compared to the US. The Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection costs over $1,800 more in Australia for the boxed copy in Australia compared to the US, or over $1,400 more for the digital version.  As we mentioned earlier this week, this means Australians could fly to the US, buy a copy of the same boxed software and then fly back home and still save money.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen came to Australia this week but in a video posted on YouTube, he completely dodged questions from reporters at a press conference in Sydney concerning the price differences for Creative Suite 6. Instead, he said that the Creative Cloud service was the future of Adobe's business and said that the prices for those services would be a good value

The off-screen reporter in the video kept pressing Narayen for any guidance about the reasons for the high prices for Adobe's stand alone software offerings, but as you can see, Narayen seemed to be hearing a totally different question coming from that reporter's mouth. Hopefully the pressure from the media and the Australian government will finally convince Adobe to take action.

Source: YouTube

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